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I think it should be pointed out, for the record, that in my experience Picone's sells much of the National Grocer's produce. It's also worth recognizing that many local grocery chains sell a lot of local produce when it's in season. Similarly as long as people in Hamilton eat things like bananas in the winter those items will still be coming from places like Guatemala via the same routes that super markets get them. Regardless if you buy it from some boutique grocery store in Dundas or from Food Basics. I don't think I understand this concept of "spontaneous human systems" you talk about. I don't think these systems are any less detached than a Loblaws franchise in place like Canada where we have winter and much of our produce we enjoy is imported. That's not to diminish the importance of locally grown produce. However the snobbish attitude that boutique and market is somehow better is useless. Now if we could get only organic and locally grown produce into the hands of No Frills, Food Basics and Fortinos customers more readily I'd be listening a bit more intently.

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