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By gimics38 (registered) | Posted March 26, 2014 at 12:13:56

I love this comment:

"In general, they reported that there has often (but not always) been a fairly short period of traffic disruption, but that 'gridlock' or 'traffic chaos' are rare, and never last longer than a few days, as traffic adjusts relatively quickly to new conditions. Sometimes there has not even been a short-term problem."

This reinforces the Swedish article from Dec 2012 which talked about implementing congestion taxes and how people's driving habits changed to avoid the tax; either not driving at all (car pooling or transit) or shifting their driving time to avoid the tax.

Which leads directly to public transit funding and reducing gridlock on our highways. Why are our politicians (both Provincial and Municipal) afraid to implement a congestion tax in the GTHA to support transit?

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