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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2014 at 16:34:17

Greg, most likely you are a fine individual with a good heart, however, I have been active for 10 years and the housing situation has gotten worse, considerring the fact that in December 2012, that community start up was eliminated. People on any type of social assistance, who live in housing that has a constant, endless bedbugs, cockroaches, lack of repairs, go thru landlord and tenant court, must live in horrid condittions, never mind the lack of enforcement from the so called by law or laws end of things.So given the response or queries form those the lead the pre budget consultation, you know those, who Noam Chomsky refers to as the enlighted ones, those put in place to ensure that items such as austerity go thru with a vengence, what change do you think is going to happen??? Did you know that in December 2012, that the poverty roundtable event at City Hall invited those in low income, however, we were not really allowed to speak, as the people in the know like media expert Laura Babcock and the rest of the enlighted ones were there to suppress the reality of those who live in desparation. So if you think that the business world is going to change anytime soon, then well, what can I say about what and who you are representing. Social determinants seems to be a catch phrase by those who have no real clue about things, since they do not live it. You know the saying walk in my mocassins or wlak the walk before talking the talk!!!!

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