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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted April 02, 2014 at 13:51:33

My two cents.....

Although I think the "reengineering" of streets will improve things somewhat, I don't think it will completely solve all of these issues. That won’t really happen until people's attitudes and habits change behind the wheel.

As humans we get frustrated when we are inconvenienced. We want results as quickly and easily as possible. We hate encountering obstacles. And when something does happen that causes us frustration, we let it simmer for a period of time, becoming angry and dwelling on it. How many times has something negative happened during that "angry period" because the action we are performing goes beyond the set limits and rules of that action. This can apply to anything in life, but on the road its things like speeding, running yellow lights, not stopping at stop signs, or stopping at red light when making right hand turn.

And as humans we get in the habit of repeating actions. Even actions if they are technically illegal, because we've learned over time there are no consequences (ie a traffic ticket....and just a traffic ticket)

And there lies the real problem, IMO. People still speed on two way streets, 35 km/hr, or outrun red lights, and break other traffic laws – no matter how a street is designed. People really need to realize the consequences of their actions. I know there has been discussion in this forum recently of legal responsibility. I think it will take time, but over time, the laws should change to make everyone more accountable. Which is scary cause we’ve all broke these rules a few times before....

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