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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted April 02, 2014 at 23:40:25 in reply to Comment 99653

I think you got the impression that I was against reengineering. I'm for it. What I was arguing was that harsher penalities need to be introduced to compliment the changes.
We can introduce basic changes to streets including reduced speed, crosswalks, etc, however drivers still need to respect the changes, whether it's speed limit, crossings, etc. And many do not, as they are willing to take the chance of getting caught because the penalty is minimal. My argument is that drivers willing be more aware knowing that the penalties would be severe.

In the original article, the comparison of the factory equipment was used. Yes, we need to redesign the equipment, but don't you think we also need to educate the operator as well as they may not be using it properly?

where the design can still somehow fail, the threat of harsh concequences can close that gap.

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