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By April Reign (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2014 at 07:26:21

I live near Main & Wentworth. Going anywhere requires dodging highway speed traffic. Try to cross at the Main at Wentworth intersection.. traffic turning doesn't give a rats behind about the pedestrians trying to cross. You literally take your life in your hands.

Most people around here jay walk because it is SAFER. You can find the breaks in the traffic and use them rather than hope the next driver will give you a millisecond to cross the road.

Even walking the dog down Delaware is dangerous, especially at the corner of Sanford & Delaware where a pedestrian crossing the road, with right of way, means ...well nothing.. I have come close to being hit by cars and trucks turning onto Sanford countless times.

A certain councillor opined he was "tapped out" well suck it up buddy cause some of us are tapped out from our lives being in constant danger. I may not drive but I hope that doesn't mean I have less right to be represented by council.

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