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By higgicd (registered) | Posted April 04, 2014 at 08:26:02 in reply to Comment 99775

I have always wondered the utility of designing a street for the worst case scenario usage. Take this chunk of Isaac Brock Drive in Stoney Creek (street view):

(edit - had to use a shortener, full link didn't work correctly)

Driven there many times as the in-laws live up there. The driveway to the immediate right is the local fire station, and its presence appears to have dictated that the entire road there be about the width of 4 lanes of traffic, though the road markings are only for 2 lanes. Nevertheless, despite the 50km/h speed limit (40 in some areas), people just scream through there as the sheer amount of road space makes for very comfortable driving at high speeds. This despite the immediate area being home to a nursing home and many families with children.

To overcome the issue a stop sign was just added down the street, but its shocking how many people just do the roll-through, or (totally serious here) - just drive through it as if it is the biggest inconvenience to their right to a high-speed drive.

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