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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted September 20, 2006 at 17:55:01

Hi Schooley,

Thanks for the feedback. Good points. My peice was more a series of observations rather than a waterfront analysis. Thanks for taking the time to put some more context around it.

I have indeed travelled around Canada and also various waterfronts around Europe. I just wasn't paying that much attention at the time :)

Toronto island is probably my favourite place in Canada. I don't, however, rate the Harbourfront too much. Like I say - it's all concrete. But it does have many draws and this point is well taken. It's unlikely many tourists would be drawn to an unmolested waterfront like Hamilton's, without something to excite them.

Your comments about uniqueness are interesting. I was referring to the scenery and history of the area. I told my Mum all about the bridge that collapsed between Bayfront and Princess Point (I forget the name) and also what I could remember about the McQueston Bridge and Dundurn 'Castle' (which was almost visible). If the suggestion is that Hamilton needs something unique to draw tourists, I would love for it to be related to the history of the area. Give me a Tower of London over a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame anyday.

As for the North End, well it's all hearsay for me - I wasn't there. I heard and read about lots of cool industrial buildings - including a courtyard area, in the North end that were torn down. Yesterdays warehouses make great lofts for today - again it's about history and the more we can integrate and preserve the better.

Thanks again for the comments.


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