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By jason (registered) | Posted April 05, 2014 at 14:49:07 in reply to Comment 99909

One thing that seems universal though, probably because it's just physics, is that you can't cram everyone in a city into a single occupant vehicle and have it work out well. Alternate modes must be available and convenient or it will be hell on earth.

Very good point. And cars are the most resilient, versatile form of motorized transport so it makes sense to follow the lead of Dutch cities and allow bikes/transit to control the direct routes into and through the cities, while having cars use specified ring corridors or car-centric streets to get to the city centre.

This allows the modal mix to become much more balanced.

The Groningen video at the end of this thread is lauded for showing the world's cycling city, yet it states that 50% of trips in that city are still by car. Nobody is banning cars, or making it impossible to drive. In fact, even with such convenience and safety built into the cycling/transit network in that city, half the people still feel that driving in their own car is the better choice.
And I'm totally fine with that choice. What I'm tired of is the insistence in Hamilton and other N.American cities by it's political leaders that investing in any mode other than single occupancy cars is crazy and a waste of money.
Give us the balanced choice like folks in Groningen have.

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