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New community media website launched

  • Date: Friday, March 30, 2012
  • Time: 12pm
  • Location: Hamilton

Media Release March 29, 2012

A new community media website is launched today:

] Hamilton Reporter [ http://www.hamiltonreporter.com/

Click on the >>> Launch Hamilton Reporter link at the above web site, and it will bring you to: https://hamiltonreporter.crowdmap.com

Here you will see a lot of local Reports already filed by many Hamilton's Reporters.

Click on the 'Reports' to view the posts, or go to different Reports by zooming/panning/clicking the coloured dots on the map at the ward/neighbourhood/street level.

The Reports can be sorted out by the 'category' they are filed under. The 'Categories' and 'Layers' drop down buttons on the map can be switched on/off by clicking an item to quickly sort reports by category, and/or in conjunction with relevant overlay maps. (many more innovative city/ward/neighbourhood layers will be added in the coming days).

Read the "About" Hamilton Reporter on the home page and please share the above link with everyone in your network, including your local community groups & organizations and leaders of various initiatives. And encourage them to 'Report' on all that is relevant and important to our community on the Hamilton Reporter.

This is where we can get all our stories told. Authentic stories that need to be heard. Our stories that will shape and define our city.

As this new community-driven media project evolves, you will begin to clearly see many unfiltered snapshots of our diverse community emerging on the map from the live patterns created the on-going filing of reports.

The immense benefits of Hamilton Reporter's community-driven, GIS based, reporting service for news, views, events and incidents across our diverse city, will get apparent as users begin to submit their stories and these stories begin to grow in numbers and aggregate into patterns - driving attention to topics, highlighting achievements or problems and driving solutions.

As you begin to explore and get familiar with the immense power of your reports to directly communicate your events, views, opinions, comments, incidents and stories in your community, you will realize that you are the creator and editor of real news in our city.

You are the Hamilton Reporter!!


Posted by Mahesh_P_Butani

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By Vivat (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 05:00:06

The Hamilton Aggregator will not be pleased!

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