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Tactical Urbanism Design Charerette - presentations

HBSA presents Mike Lydon from The Street Plans Collaborative in New York City (http://streetplans.org) in a design workshop for Hamilton about TACTICAL URBANISM. Tactical Urbanism projects are typically small scale or short term, strategic projects designed to test or temporarily deploy urban design strategies and ideas.

Increasingly, innovative cities and citizens are turning to temporary or short term interventions that test bigger ideas about urban life, street life and how we build Cities.

Tactical Urbanism takes a deliberate activist approach to instigate change. The projects are typically short term projects offering local solutions to local challenges. Tactical Urbanism proposes low-risk interventions with the potential for a high reward, that builds “social capital” between neighbours, communities, businesses and with the City.

The Hamilton Burlington Society of Architects is organizing a Design Charrette to explore the possibilities of Tactical Urbanism in Hamilton. Earlier in the day, Mike Lydon will provide an introduction and guidance to a group of design professionals, business leaders, politicians, community leaders, activists, and interested citizens. Several locations in Hamilton will be selected and teams will be provided with an afternoon to imagine what is possible on that site. At 4pm we will be presenting the results of the charrette. All are welcome!


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