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Sons of Sisyphus

  • Date: Friday, July 24, 2009
  • Time: 10:30
  • Location: Hamilton Theatre Inc.
  • Address: 140 MacNab St. North, Hamilton (Google Maps)

Sisyphus pushed the boulder. The sons share their father's corrupt nature, and are lifers in a maximum-security prison. Roy, or Beast, is in the jungle and in the jungle you feed on your prey and instill fear wherever you roam. Bunny's real name is Boris, but Boris doesn't really suit him given his girlish appearance and mannerisms. His parents and the Church failed him and now he has to pay for his sins. Gerald loves God so much that, like Abraham, he's taken a ride down Highway 61. "Where do you want this killin done? Down on Highway 61". Henry almost made it through life without having to live with his brothers. But then one hot summer night, his brain burning like gunpowder, he finds his hands covered with blood.


Posted by justaguy

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