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Strategies for Action and Resistance with author and activist Aric McBay

  • Date: Friday, January 29, 2010
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Location: Ewart Angus Centre rm 1A4 (Medical Centre), McMaster University
  • Address: 1280 Main St West (Google Maps)
  • Contact: brian
  • Email: hamiltonfreeskool@gmail.com

"Industrial civilization is incompatible with life. It is systematically destroying life on this planet, undercutting its very basis. This culture is, to put it bluntly, murdering the earth. Unless it’s stopped—whether we intentionally stop it or the natural world does, through ecological collapse or other means—it will kill every living being. We need to stop it." -preface to What We Leave Behind

Aric McBay (writer, activist, and small-scale organic farmer) argues that activists need to think and organize like a resistance movement. McBay explains how greenwashing derails effective action, and why industrial civilization is doomed (and why that's not a bad thing). He shares crucial strategic lessons that today's activists can learn from resistance movements of the past.

Join us for a discussion with Aric McBay, co-author of the recent "What We Leave Behind" with Derrick Jensen. All are welcome, free event.

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