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Who Has the Right to Shape the City?

  • Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010
  • Time: 7pm
  • Location: Skydragon Centre
  • Address: 27 King William St., Hamilton (Google Maps)
  • Contact: Common Cause
  • Email: commoncause@gmail.com

A panel discussion on gentrification and urban renewal in Hamilton. How will the current campaign of urban renewal in the downtown core by the city of Hamilton play out for the working and poor people who currently inhabit it? Recently the debate surrounding the future of downtown Hamilton has heated up and has come to involve everyone from city councillors and police to sex workers and artists. Who has the right to shape the city? What does it take to create a healthy urban environment? How have policies of urban renewal and gentrification affected other poor areas and cities? Come and join us for a panel discussion featuring members of various community groups to explore these questions. Hosted by Common Cause Hamilton.


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