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Click Speed Test Challenge

  • Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021
  • Time: 10:00
  • Location: Singapore
  • Contact: Matt Nicholas

What's up, Minecraft fans? Getting bored with all the building and breaking? Let me introduce you to a cool challenge for fun!

No one can deny how important it is to have the ability to click faster in Minecraft PvP if you want to win the battles. In fact, people use different clicking techniques to beat the opponents. Given the importance of fast clicking, we realised why not compete on that skill itself. That's what made us start the 'Click Speed Test' challenge.

Sounds amazing, right?

Let me explain what all this is about.

What is the Click Speed test Challenge?

It is a standalone online test that calculates your clicking speed and gives you a score. You can practice more and more until your clicks per second are increased and you have the highest score.

Then, you can challenge your gamer friends to beat your score and see how they perform on the challenge.

If your challenger beats your score, you lose. If they couldn't you win! The top 5 scorers of every week will be declared the winners.

How to participate? 1. Firstly, open the Click Speed Test in your web browser. 2. On the test, click the blue button to start the challenge. 3. Continue clicking as fast as you can until the timer is over. 4. Your score will be shown on the screen in the end. 5. Now, take a snapshot of the score and challenge your friends to beat you!

That’s it!

Rules for the Challenge

In order to participate in this challenge, you must adhere to the following rules.

  1. No cheating is allowed. If any of the players are found guilty of using photoshop or other tricks to increase their score in screenshots, they will be banned immediately.
  2. Score can be submitted only once. You can practice as many times as you can but you must submit the score only once. Generally, your highest score out of all attempts should be submitted.
  3. You must click the mouse manually. No autoclickers or macro scripts are allowed in this challenge. You will be automatically disqualified for this.
  4. Challenge is open for all people and countries. You can invite any friend, colleague, relative or anyone you like.

Winning Prize

If you manage to become one of the top 5 scorers of the week, your name will be displayed on the website’s leaderboard.

Winners will next get a chance to attempt for the world record of fast clicking. The World Record for Most Clicks in 10 seconds is 121.

If you practice enough to beat that, your name will go under the Fast clicker on Earth as the World Record until someone else beats your score.


Posted by ChristyGamer

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