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Community meeting on Dofasco pollution emission levels


THURSDAY, MAY 20TH, 2010 (this thursday)



(1180 Barton Street East - Across from Center Mall)

This Communtiy meeting is where the Ministry of the Environment is set to unveil their plans to allow Dofasco to continue to emit cancer causing pollution into our air at levels higher that is permitted by law.

Our goals for the Meeting:

  • Ask the ministry direct questions as to why they will be granting this new standard to Dofasco given that the company failed to meet the standards within the current air quality reguation.

  • Show community support by presenting the postcards, letters, and drawings.

  • Show community concern by having residents share their stories and ask questions (Please note: everyone is welcome and encouraged to ask questions. That's one of the reasons that the Ministry is holding this meeting in the first place. If you have questions/concerns, we highly encourage you to speak up!)

  • Request to the Ministry in person that they take stronger measures to ensure that we have the cleanest and safest air possible. (The opportunity to make online comments to the Ministry will be explained at the meeting as well, and we will be sure to update everyone next week as to how this process works.)


Posted by Paul

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