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It has been a long 8 months, but after studying such sites as the West Harbor, East Mountain, the CP Railyard on Aberdeen, and even Aldershot outside of our city limits, we find ourselves back to where football has lived in Hamilton for 60 years; Ivor Wynne Stadium.

On Monday, our council will be presented with and discuss, the plan to rebuild and upgrade Ivor Wynne. The deadline to submit Hamilton’s stadium proposal for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games is February 1st, with 75 Balsam Avenue North as the focus of our primary site for the long term home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and one of the host venues for the 2015 games.

Monday night is a celebration, hosted by friends and family of the Save Ivor Wynne Stadium project. Not a celebration of victory, but a celebration of what this process has taught us, the friendships that have been made, and how our city came together as a whole, to fight for something they believed (and didn’t believe), in.

Ivor Wynne, as re-iterated after one of my past delegations, has become the fallback site. Not preferred by anyone, not the Tiger-Cats, not city council, probably not even HostCo, but for many fans and residents who hold a special place in their hearts for Ivor Wynne Stadium, this is what they had hoped for all along.

It’s time to celebrate never giving up. After eight months of research and desperate pleas, trying to encourage the powers that be to talk about the possibilities that exist amongst the grounds that line Balsam Avenue North, it’s time celebrate that council and the Tiger-Cats are now talking about Ivor Wynne.

That’s all we were really looking for from day one and next week, we may perhaps be given a gift that we never dreamed possible. For the placement of that infinity symbol after 1930 to. For many more volumes to come, in the Ivor Wynne Stadium scrapbook.


Special GIC Meeting: 1pm in council chambers

Dinner: Shortly after the council meeting concludes, we are going to head over to the Honest Lawyer for some eats. Please do join us.

Music and Drinks: Our band, The Workshop, will be jammin’ at the Skydragon from approximately 7pm on. We will have some spare instruments, or bring your own, as you are more than welcome to join us on stage throughout the night.

All times are approximate and are subject to change depending on when council adjourns for the evening. Check my Twitter Account for updates the day of the GIC.

We hope to see you there. All are welcome.


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