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Transit: Past, Present and Future

  • Date: Friday, August 12, 2011
  • Time: All Weekend
  • Location: Ryerson University

On behalf of the Ontario members of the Canadian Urban Transit Association, the Toronto Transit Commission and Metrolinx will host Transit: Past, Present, Future, a regional youth summit on sustainable transportation at Ryerson University in Toronto from August 12 to 14, 2011.

We hope to attract a broad selection of youth and young professionals from across Ontario with interests in sustainable transportation, and help lay the groundwork for them to become the next generation of advocates and experts in the field.

Participants will be selected through an application process which requires demonstration of their interest and knowledge of public transit and sustainable transportation, as well as their past involvement in advocacy and other leadership roles.

It is anticipated that 40 to 50 participants will be selected for the Summit.

Please click on the link for more details, or to apply.


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By AETHERMAN (registered) | Posted August 11, 2011 at 14:51:53

BUSES offer many advantages over any LRT. (1)Buses can drive almost anywhere on rubber tires and therefore easily detour accident or road closure scenes, (2)Buses offer much greater safety to pedestrians who board and exit them when they make stops next to curbs as opposed to trains stopping one full lane away from curbs, (3)Buses can perform Fast Emergency Stops, where LRT's would slide much farther on wet slippery rails, (4)Buses will not be "dead in the water" when the power grid is down, (5)Buses do not have High Voltage (550 Volts?) overhead power wires connected to them that could electrocute pedestrians and motorists when they fall during storms and other reasons, (6)Buses are not prone to be struck by lightning because they ride on rubber tires, (7)Buses do not connect to arcing overhead power wires that are known to cause annoying "snap, crackle & popping sounds" on all types of Radio's & TV's, (8)Buses do not require power poles to connect to overhead wires like LRT's, so drivers do not have to waste time re-attaching such devices when they slip off and dangle around in the air like a drunken sailor, (9)Buses can be easily towed away if they break down, (10)The streets don't have to be bastardized with rails or the asphalt around them requiring constant costly repairs due to winter water freezing, heaving and salt erosions, (11)Other vehicles don't have to dodge around wet slippery rails, (12) Buses can be operated on clean Natural Gas as opposed to diesel. etc. (db)

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