Municipal Election 2014

Revised Platform (Candidate Submission)

Mayoral candidate Michael Baldasaro's revised platform.

By Michael Baldasaro
Published October 15, 2014

I entered the 2014 G.H.A. "Greater Hamilton Area", Municipal Election because of what, my fellow Plebeians/Common Folk advise me, as the Chief Magistrate, of the G.H.A. "Greater Hamilton Area", needs to be done:

AUSTERITY: As Mayor I'll cut my salary by 1/3 and create an OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE to be chaired by my Runner-up to Office. The Chairperson will be provided an Office and will share 1/3 of the operating budget of the Mayor's Office for its operation.

I will then ask all Councillors to take a 15% cut in their salaries to create a General Office for their Runner-ups to Staff the Oversight Committee. The Councillors will be asked to provide 15% of their Operating Budget to help maintain the General Office and Staff workstations of the Committee.

The purpose of an Over-Sight Committee is to over-see the dealings of Council and report to the Citizens. Their job is to assist the Incumbents and reach out to help support Community Groups, so we may better understand their concerns, and bring those concerns before Council. The Committee will foster more competition for incumbents at election time.

The Municipal Elections Act should be amended to include a Preliminary run-off of Candidates prior to an Election. This could be held by Committees throughout the G.H.A., organized by the Oversight Committee. The top 4 Candidates per Office could be democratically identified and chosen. This would level the playing field and help citizens and the media identify and focus attention on the Candidates who make it through the run-off, to the General Election.

In this way fringe candidates will be given an opportunity to work their way up, through open forums and debates, and earn the right, democratically, to be taken seriously. Run-offs work well on television shows such as "America's Got Talent" etc. And all this greater representation can be achieved without costing Taxpayers one red cent.

CITIZEN I.D. CARDS: As your Chief Magistrate, I shall work to see that everyone has an Electronic Citizen I.D. Card. One Card for all your I.D. needs. All you have to do is vote at every Municipal Election to obtain and maintain one. And Citizenship has its privileges. Citizens of the G.H.A. qualify to ride the Downtown LRT LOOP from Go to Go, (see below), without charge. The Card will be photo I.D. for use at financial institutions and all Municipal Business and food banks, etc.

REFERRENDUMS: Issues of public importance should be on the ballot, so we may vote on them, at election time.

ISSUES missing in this election, SUCH AS:

WARD BOUNDARIES must be reevaluated to fairly represent all Wards.

RIGHT TO VOTE Section 3 of the Municipal Elections Act discriminates by reason of age by excluding those under the age of 19 from voting. We never get too old to vote! Can't remember your name? No problem, your vote may be counted via PROXY by your Spouse, children, family member and/or a friend etc. So why not the other way around, they vote for you?

Note: Alcohol should not be a youths coming of age rite, voting should. Perhaps this would make a good issue for a plebiscite at election time. Try debating this issue with your children and/or parents, over dinner. Voting should be a child's coming of age rite, not alcohol. And the child can choose when to exercise their right to vote.

BRT/LRT If the Province lives up to its promise to fund Public Transportation, my business plan supports beefing up BRT service, shortening wait.

My business plan includes an LRT-LOOP from GO BUS STATION on Hunter to GO RAIL STATION on James N. Travelling N. & S. on Bay, James, & John, East and west on King and Hunter, it encompass the new HSR BRT Station on MacNab. It reaches our Bayfront Parks. The HEART of the system to follow. GO to GO connects all BRT Routes through-out the G.H.A.

An LRT LOOP will boost local and out-of-town tourism and Commuters from the G.T.A. to our downtown and Condos. It's our best opportunity of creating a sustainable and expandable BRT/LRT which benefits everyone. Proposed route:

Note: This is not written in stone. The Route may be altered depending on resident input and possibly routing for maximum efficiency and service to John St., etc.

STREET SIGNS Easy to read and OVER-SIZED on ALL major intersections, in need;

PAVEMENT and sidewalks repaired, cracks sealed to prevent pot holes. Roadway lane markings repainted;

CONUNDRUMS Settle long drawn out conundrums like Red Hill Creek Parkway;

LANDLORD & TENANT Create legislation to better govern absentee and abusive Landlords and Tenants. Make it easier to access Courts to rid neighborhoods of crack houses and unkempt properties. Make it easier for property owners to obtain building permits and find guidance to resolve issues, perhaps with the help of the Oversight Committee;

URBAN SPRAWL Put an end to it now;

DRUGS Stop criminalizing drug addicts. Treat drug laws as the medical non-criminal Federal Health Regulations they are. McMaster being the cornerstone for treatment. We must find ways to house and supply addicts with drugs they would otherwise procure illegally. Attempting to stop people from using drugs society condemns, creates an underworld of crime and violence we cannot afford to police and/or correct. Note: Health Canada is responsible to cover the costs of Federal Health Regulations, not Municipal Taxes. Alcohol, the worst drug, stepping stone to "stupid stupors", filling our courts and jails and emptying Municipal Coffers;

UN-ASSUMED ALLEYWAYS Secure them. They are walking parkways and provide access for emergency vehicles;

CYCLING license bicycles and riders using main streets and compel Police/By-Law Control Officers to enforce infractions of the H.T.A. as they do automobiles. i.e. No riding on sidewalks or wrong way on one way streets etc.;

POLICING, Officers, purchase your own tools, Tasers etc., like any other Tradesperson. End suspensions with pay. Officers must live in the City they police. New Teams built of Rookie and/or Un-armed Officers to enforce jay-walking, noise complaints and parking infractions etc. and especially when City Enforcement is not available, as on Lawless Sundays, which is the By-Law Control Officers, across the board, day off.

ACCOUNTABILITY. In 1989, with the help of the late, Reverend Walter A. Tucker, I held Hamilton Council accountable for their passed February 14, 1989. Council agreed to lease Ivor Wynne Stadium to Mr. Braley and the Tiger Cat Football Club he was attempting to purchase from Harold Ballard. The lease included the Stadium, concessions, advertising rights and scoreboard advertising revenue, for $1.00 per year, over 3 years.

In light of questions of law raised by Hamilton's Legal Department, on February 27, 1989, we instituted an Action against the City, in the Supreme Court, File 6489\89, citing the Legal Departments concerns, the motion was "contrary to the provisions of the Municipal Act, Section 112, and a violation of the provisions of the Canada Act, Section 31., and a breach of the Criminal Code, Sections 122 and 126 (1)".

Within Courtroom proceedings May 10th, 1989, Kim Edwards, Counsel for the City, advised that City Council ad quashed their Motion the day before. The Learned Justice noted on the record that there was no doubt, "council quashed their motion because of our Action". The very day after we instituted the Action, Mr. Ballard cut the $500,000.00 he was asking for the Score Board, in half, saving us $250,000.00.

Over the next 3 years, the City earned $300,000.00 on the lease alone, not including revenue it earned on the Concessions. The integrity and dignity of the Hamilton Tiger Cats remain intact to this day. Oskee Wee Wee! R.I.P. Pigskin Pete III, Sept. 10, 2014.

Born at Little Current, Manitoulin Island, May 23, 1949. Resettled to Hamilton in 1949. Schooled at St. John The Baptist, De la Salle Oak lands (Camp), Delta High School and Universe University. Worked as an Operating Engineer, since 1967, Family Construction Business, Baldasaro & MacGregor Ltd. (General Contractors) and with the International Union of Operating Engineers as an out-side Contractor in Stelco, Dofasco, Westinghouse, International Harvester, McCoy and other Foundries. Experienced in road, sewer, water main, tunnel, building construction and demolition. Minister Plenipotentiary, Church of the Universe since 1979. Professor Legal Self Defence, Universe University. Civil, Criminal, Constitutional Litigation. Human Rights Activist since 1967 and an aspiring servant to my fellow human beings, all my life.


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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted October 15, 2014 at 09:29:32

Wow. I'm impressed. Really impressed. Why?

Because I've attended a handful of the Mayoral debates. (As well as watching the Cable 14 event.) And to be honest, Mr. Baldasaro has been one of the candidates who have not added anything to the campaign. Nothing of any substance. In fact, they've done a grave injustice to the process. And in almost all cases, we've had narcissism at play. (If well-intentioned.)

I believe 'fringe candidates' can add something of value to an election campaign. IF they go beyond their own bluster-filled rhetoric and actually present something valid, something that injects new perspective, provides for illumination and insight.

But most times, what unfolds from them is the stuff of windbagging, of platitudes, and of accusatory crap. More than this, though, is a distinct lack of preparation, of authentic understanding of issues, of the mechanisms at City Hall, especially of how these mechanisms interact with the Provincial and Federal levels of government.

The words I cringe at hearing from a candidate as to why they've thrown their hat into the ring are 'My friends and family kept telling me to run.'

I believe that what I see happening is partially a result of the frustration and disappointment some Hamiltonians bear for everyone at 71 Main Street West. This state seems to motivate candidates to hop up onto the election soapbox, to somehow validate their efforts, confirm their suitability to jump into the fray. It's yet another manifestation of 'Us vs Them'.

I do have some practical ways to improve the calibre of candidates, whether they be Mayoral or Councillor ones, but it's probably both inappropriate and premature to state them here. Regardless, all this is part of a much larger conversation we really, really need to be having before 2018 rolls around.

P.S. I still think that the majority of his suggestions are bizarre. But then, he is a member of The Great Triumvirate this Mayoral election, the trio that caused me to both stare in amazement and wince like I haven't done so in years.

Comment edited by ItJustIs on 2014-10-15 09:39:23

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By TheBaldasaro (registered) - website | Posted October 18, 2014 at 12:43:02 in reply to Comment 105377

Brother/Sister? ItJustIs, You have done a grave injustice to this electoral process by only attending "a handful of Mayoral Debates". I would think someone as intelligent as you would at least throw your hat into the ring? It's obvious from your ranting on that you do not possess an "authentic understanding of issues, of the mechanisms at City Hall, especially of how these mechanisms interact with the Provincial and Federal levels of government.".

Choose wisely from your beloved Triumvirate.


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By TokersRJokers (anonymous) | Posted October 18, 2014 at 17:34:40

None of the proposals will happen as they are things legislated from the province. If you think council will go for any of the rest forget it. If you want a lone wolf like Bratina vote for someone like this.

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By SPQR (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2014 at 06:37:36 in reply to Comment 105443

Ah, that's the spirit! I like seeing mayoral hopefuls get out there and insult those that criticize their bizarre policies.

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