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By bikemike (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2014 at 11:53:18 in reply to Comment 5724

I have mixed feeling about your posting as well. You missed the point while making it. No one will question that a 1920 technology is adequate to haul pigsh** around the planet. Keep the 'live-axle' on the farm. By the way - IRS can be just effective and more so, if designed and calibrated correctly for the job, and could be used with leaf springs just as effectively. It would be many times as costly, but would have the advantage of superior handling in addition to load control. Bottom line - the actual springing medium serves only the question of space allocation on the vehicle, and return on capital. Domestics will not go there as pander to the bottom line (stockholders) is more 'useful'. Where your logic centers break down is, that these type of vehicles SHOULD be kept on the farm, and not in the mix with vehicles whose bumper heights are a two foot mismatch, and high speeds render heavy antiquated solid axles a handling hazard General consensus of most grey-matter subscribers is that, marketing is a pure substitute for engineering costs on a sales chart. It's probably no secret that, this is a somewhat technologically challenged target segment. Dirt, and an American flag are an awesome substitute for ........ other things.

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