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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2014 at 23:10:37

Street art is ephemeral. It is also recombinant, which is something that inevitably sticks in the craw of folks who spend $2,500 on a vinyl replica. Such is life.

If it the treatment was that decrepit in year seven, the lifespan is probably closer to five years. Vinyl wrap technology may have improved somewhat in the intervening years (in terms of resistance to graffiti and UVA) but I doubt the price will have collapsed significantly. Cost might be something like a dollar a day, with the artist (or his/her heirs) gaining nothing in the equation save exposure.

His work is becoming ubiquitous (it fronts a gallery half a block SE), but Dave Hind's aluminum works would be a wonderful long-term solution as they are constructed of weather-resistant materials (the NW corner of Main and Locke has been up for over a decade). The flipside? His art is worth considerably more than a vinyl wrap. As it would be, since it's original art, not a high-res print.

Better industrial design is the answer to ugly utility boxes. And street art that is commissioned and bankrolled by the City or BIAs will almost always fall flat. It is a simulation, not the real thing.

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