Comment 104095

By theNew'other' (registered) | Posted August 20, 2014 at 19:41:15 in reply to Comment 104083

Can't speak for you, sir, but I like to travel. As I type, there is a man holed up in a foreign embassy for two years now for demonstrating that an emperor has no clothes. You continue nursing that pet peeve, it seems to gratify. 'Tybalt' is readily identifiable to enough members of the RTH community. But to your point: "...Jobs..."? This is the sort of bold position you advocate? Now tell me: 'It's the economy, stupid!' I'm not sure term limits is the solution to the electorate's continuing failure to refresh its municipal representation. But they might be worth a try. I understand, though, that Romeo Jackson disagrees. Dude's this close to closing out his pension.

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