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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted September 05, 2014 at 09:00:09

"Sometimes it's not enough to be right."

My prediction:

As much as Councillor McHattie is the golden boy of the 'Raise the Downtown' cabal, I don't believe that he's going to get the support outside the core (which seems to be predicated on LRT being trumpeted so earnestly) that will be required to win the election. Whereas Clark will. Call it 'The Bratina Effect'. Non-downtowners, non-lower city residents, demographics of 55+ers, the stodgy ones who are anchored in their love of Hamilton in differing ways than pro-LRTers.

Further, this will be a two-candidate race, with former Mayor Eisenberger dropping off the lead precipitously going forward. And I don't believe that Councillor McHattie will be our next mayor.

This may well make some ill to even consider, but I believe it reflects the realities of the situation beyond the LRT issue.

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