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By jason (registered) | Posted October 28, 2014 at 11:38:17 in reply to Comment 105689

exactly right. We've been asking for speed humps for years on Florence, Peter, Napier etc.... our councillor has worked hard to get staff to include our area for traffic calming, but still no humps after 2+ years. I have family on a Mountain residential street off Upper James that also suffers from the same cut-through traffic as our hood. They had ONE community meeting this summer to present a request for speed humps, and they were approved the next month.

Ditto for Upper Stoney Creek, I think on Highland Rd. Ancaster has seen massive traffic calming on Rousseau and Wilson in their downtown. Yet, all these same councillors oppose measures on MY residential street and others in the lower city when we request them. I would vote for de-amalgamation tomorrow if given a legit chance. And not a structure that goes back to the regional days where the inner city was subsidizing the suburbs. A true deamalgamation where the suburbs can go it alone, and we keep all of our industrial and commercial tax base in the old city.

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