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By j.servus (registered) | Posted October 28, 2014 at 13:51:45 in reply to Comment 105692

I think we agree on a lot here. One of the reasons we really love Matthew Green is that he not only lives in this ward and operates his business in this ward, he is also very present in the ward. He is at all the community events, neighborhood association meetings, etc. And we're very hopeful that he can be an effective advocate for the poorest and most neglected Ward in Hamilton.

The process you describe is a good process, and it works well if the Councillors in the other wards don't interfere. But what happens down here is that the other Councillors do interfere. For example, if we want to convert Wentworth to two-way--because it is frankly ridiculous to have three lanes one direction for less than one lane worth of traffic, and meanwhile it creates all kinds of bad side effects like cut-through traffic on residential streets, etc.--someone like Lloyd Ferguson says, "Hey, we all drive down there, this affects my constituents as much as yours. And anyway, why are we spending a lot of money to convert this street, which works perfectly well for Ancaster drivers, when we're struggling to pave roads and sidewalks?" And that's the end of that.

Wentworth was approved for two-way conversion in 2001. How's that for forward thinking!

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