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By Fordtruckman (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2007 at 08:02:05

I think this article to retarded, I'm assuming you are a tree hugging hippie, secondly what does it matter to you what people drive? It's not your business nor your money to decide what people buy. For fuck's suck my lug nuts take more torque than your little honda makes. Let people drive what they want to drive. I will drive my gas guzzling 6250 pound 4x4 all day every day if I want to and be much safer as well. Maybe you should just man up and buy yourself a truck then you won't have to worry about your little Civic getting totalled. The Ridgeline is also shit. Waste of time, money, and space. A Grand Cherokee with a straight 6 can pull more than that piece of shit. Imports are junk all around I don't understand why all you idiots think they are so great... Honda, Toyota, Nissan... all the same JAP CRAP! You are an American, buy American automobiles!!! Also, on the Ridgeline why would you put a stupid door instead of a tailgate? Why don't they put something useful back there like a ramp? The Ford's give you a step because they actually have clearance and that is a useful feature. Go hump and damn tree and mind your own fuckin business.

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