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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted July 28, 2015 at 12:04:04 in reply to Comment 113116

Apart from the fact that it is dangerous and illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Hamilton (but it is legal in Burlington), the rest of your comment must be tongue in cheek (or deliberately provocative)!

These roads are extremely unpleasant to cycle on for anyone except a dedicated bike courier-type road warrior. Maybe that's why you don't see many cyclists on them.

How often have you tried cycling from Westdale to downtown on Main, for example? Or in the other direction on King? I used to do this quite regularly in the mornings and evenings because it was the most direct route, but it was not a pleasant ride, more of an adrenaline rush, with cars honking, overtaking dangerously and with dangerous lane changes to avoid the curb lane that turns into a right turn only lane lane at various points. Not to mention the need to change lanes to avoid stopped delivery vehicles and the dangerous curve to get onto the 403 bridge on King (where fast moving motorists don't signal their intention to change lanes to the freeway on-ramp).

You don't mention the need to get across three lanes of fast moving traffic just to turn left (or stop at the light and walk your bike like a pedestrian)! This is convenient and comfortable cycling?

Why do you think Cannon was basically unused as a cycle route until the bike lane was installed, despite having all the features you claim make it perfect for cycling?

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