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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted July 28, 2015 at 13:17:06 in reply to Comment 113122

Your comment that you are riding at almost 50km/h on Hamilton's downtown streets immediately shows that you are in a tiny minority of bike riders.

What you're really saying, is that you are an aggressive racer who likes the thrill of riding extremely fast and doesn't mind the dangers and discomfort of riding with fast moving platoons of one-way traffic.

Almost no other cyclists are like you, especially not the recreational and commuting cyclists we're talking about here. And the evidence from everywhere is that most people will not ride bikes in mixed traffic, especially mixed traffic of the type on Hamilton's wide multi-lane one way streets.

The fact there are a few outliers who like riding at tour de France time trial speeds on these streets is irrelevant. Are you really claiming that reaching professional time trial speeds (around 50 km/h) on major arterials is some sort of attraction for most cyclists? You do realize that the average speed for a tour de france pro is about 43 km/h on flat terrain. The average speed for a commuting cyclist is around 20-25km/h.

All the serious road cyclists I know ride in the country, not on Main and King!

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