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Take it easy on the questions :)

I'm convinced to support this one as well. There's so much charitable endeavours in today's turbulent world and it's all lost in the noise; I didn't know about it till today.

The scheduling of IndieGoGo contributions (whether as an Anonymous or a named individual) is currently a top-secret recipie involving a complex formula involving the finite speed of light involved behind a bank cashing a paycheque and bill payments, combined with the success of a Rube Goldberg machine built with Hamilton Tool Library tools, plus some magic pixie dust (LOL). But it is coming. Keep an eye out.

I notice you have several big donors ($100 size donations), and not very many micro-transactions -- this suggests you're recruiting close relatives, friends, and other specific individuals who you think has money such as veterans who wants to send money to a charitable effort. I would not be able to match those sizes of donations at this time (e.g. $500), but more closer to the one who contributed $35 (the smallest one). Many Hamiltonians would struggle to donate even just that much, so your donor target audience will be a big thing to focus on.

You either need to expend effort chasing after people like retiring veterans who will probably be bequeathing money anyway to things like these outside of the city -- or you need to expend effort on making wider campaign to average Hamiltonians that can only send a few dollars. Which one is less effort for you, I'm not really sure, but either method has worked for various different IndieGoGo campaigns for various different reasons.

You also need a plan for covering any funding shortfalls, so that your reputation does not get damaged. There comes a point where the costs of an incomplete campaign (e.g. 15% funded) becomes risky. When no further second-stage funding is possible (e.g. starting a new second-stage campaign, or another source), one needs to decide whether to press the button to refund everybody if the reputation costs of continuing (With all the perks needed) exceed the reputation costs of simply cancelling and refunding everyone. You may already do and not have publicly announced, but it's certainly a consideration for any "Flexible Funding" campaigns. Occasionally, for this reason, "Fixed Funding" campaigns succeed better since full funding often lower risks, but with a big catch -- you get no money if your campaign isn't complete.

Another observation is that whenever a campaign exceeds ~50%, the funds often come in at a much faster pace in a far more auto-pilot manner than at the first 50%. It becomes extremely important to reach the 50% goal as early as you're able to. The threshold varies from campaign to campaign, but incoming funding often does accelerate beyond 80%, including previous $500 donors doubling their pledges to $1000 at the very last minute when they see they're needed to "push it to the end". If your funding has currently stalled, a strategy change is important (e.g. changing recruitment tactics).

I don't have much good advice. For Supercrawl, make some business cards or phamplet containing a short URL that leads to your campaign. (IndieGoGo also provide shorturls if you don't have your own website). I'm not 100% sure if this is an effective target audience, being a young audience with less relations, but it can't hurt to be prepared with some quick-print business cards (With a clear appeal like "DONATE" or "Now Crowdfunding -- Contribute by Sept 30!") or whatever. Also study crowdfund resources like (there's lots of websites aimed to teach people how to crowdfund)

Also, are you a frequent poster of any indie artist forums? What are their rules linking to a campaign? Do you have a website, and any SEO (search engine optimization) skills? Do you tweet, Facebook, of anything? A popular retweet or a minor viral video that's re-shared by many, can bring publicity. But this, however, might not be applicable to a smaller effort such as this --

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