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By Missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted September 10, 2015 at 14:22:49

Thanks. Look forward to your contribution, no matter the size.

In answer - yes, I am aware that, currently, I have several large donations. Half are a result of a preliminary letter sent to family & friends before the campaign went live. So, yes, they KNOW me, and are 'investing'. The balance are a result of the campaign itself, which is very heartening to see. I also have 'targeted' a very specific audience that are interested in Canadian film production. I KNOW they are 'watching' and, like you, a few have said funds are coming ... As for the lower tier donations, I have identified that as possible problem area, but, for now, am holding off on re-tweaking that until Day 20 in the campaign. I might not do it. I have to SEE where I'm at 10 days from now.

As for being a poster on indie sites ... ? I am ALL OVER the net doing and engaging with a number of different sites/interests. Sometimes I'm 'active', sometimes I'm 'observant', and sometimes I get sick of a site and drop it.

The website for the film can be found here - . For particulars about me and my background in film and art - go here:, or just google me (Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Facebook). And yes, I tweet - see @TheFrozenGoose or @Canadada.

In conclusion, I am not 'viral', and don't really think that's of any importance here. I am not 'famous' and dont really seek that kind of trivial infamy. Rather, I am a 'story-teller', a writer of some skill, an award-winning mid-career self-taught Canadian artist.

OK? - And my blood type is 'O'. :)

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