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By JoeyColeman (registered) - website | Posted September 10, 2015 at 19:03:03 in reply to Comment 113806

Just a note that I stopped the June campaign when it became apparent that I had lost a large amount of support due to the accusations of criminal activity (eavesdropping and hacking) made by City Council in the Basse Report.

As the June campaign was a "flexible" campaign, I did not want to end up with people's money and not be able to deliver the service.

Many past supporters - especially current City staff - expressed concerns to me seeking a guarantee that I could protect their identities as anonymous contributors if I was forced to reveal my contributors in any court case related to Council's accusations.

Sadly, the chilling effect of Council's accusations, the revoking of my media credential, and the burden of time lost to legal matters is what sunk my work.

The lesson I learned from the failed campaigns was that campaigns during summer and Christmas are unlikely to succeed because people are busy with other matters. There are no Council meetings. The December 2014 campaign came during a time when people are busy, they are spending on gifts, and many people had made contributions to political campaigns so disposal funds were low.

The March 2015 campaign was already at 60% prior to Council's making its criminal accusations against me.

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