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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted November 19, 2015 at 11:32:02 in reply to Comment 114960

Yes -- that was me and my spouse on the cover page of TheSpec.

Over a 2-year timespan, 4 brand new cafes:

  • Vintage Roasters (recent)
  • 541 Cafe (recent).
  • The Cannon (EDIT -- Oops, this opened 3-4 years ago)
  • Tim Horton's Museum (recent) - not independent, but the only lounge-quality Timmy's

All within 10 minute walk. I have a feeling I missed 1 other place, but this is an otherwise incredible canary in a coalmine to see very lovely and busy cafes pop up right nearby shuttered storefronts and be a bright beacon/attraction in an otherwise depressed block that is about to attract new business. I'd go more often if Vintage Roasters was open late (Vintage Roasters tell me they are getting lots of demand from customers to be asked to stay open late on one (or two) weekday a week next summer e.g. 8pm Fridays) so I can go after work sometimes.

And if you're not aware of 541 Cafe on Barton, you simply must go. It's busier than Mulberry's on James St N, very very incredibly popular especially during weekend brunches. It's right up there with the best, and even better than many top Toronto cafes, so out-of-place on Barton yet still cheap (And sometimes free; with the take-a-button jar for the financially constrained), but bodes well for Barton's future as a slow generational transition. Sterling 4.9 star place (Google), 4.5 star (TripAdvisor).

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