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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted March 08, 2016 at 20:31:36

Thanks for the article. This is definitely a loss in the walkability column for Hamilton. I too shop at this No Frills, often walking after dropping off kids at school. Now we’ll have to do it in a car, which is an option we’re fortunate to have but not everyone does. I feel for folks who will be even more affected by this store closure, who will either have to walk much farther to Metro or Walmart, take the bus, which isn’t easy with a full load of groceries, or pay for a cab.

One of the comments in the Spectator article about this suggested that the No Frills owner was hurt finanically by the Barton Centre opening of Walmart, which of course now sells groceries. If that's the case, Walmart's gain and the neighbourhood's loss.

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