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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2017 at 11:47:08

Thank you Joey, for everything you do to bring us closer to our elected officials, Joey and of course RTH for providing this open forum.

These wall cameras are a horrible way to watch a meeting between elected officials. I had to stay home to participate in a Board meeting on Monday and it's horrible. Delayed, static. Not like your tapings where you zoom into the screen or the person talking. You made it more like watching television which makes it that much more interesting for others to follow.

No elected official should:

  1. Get to say who can/cannot tape open meetings
  2. Vote on their own ward boundaries
  3. Get away with any behavior that goes against the morals and values we are teaching our children.

I cannot imagine how hard any of this has been on you both personally and professionally but you should hold your head up extremely high for the respect you hold within your community and I hope among your journalist colleagues. You have fought the battle my friend and won because for me, winning is in respect. That's the only thing you can control.

You teach our youngest members of our society to fight for what they believe with dignity, yet with perseverance.

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