Comment 122666

By fmurray (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 09:05:27 in reply to Comment 122660

Again, you're not listening.

I did not say Durand is "too dense", or "densest in the world". It IS the densest neighbourhood in Hamilton. And we welcome new development, and in fact will be happy when there are residents living where the CH "spaceship" currently takes up space. We are not walled off, not in the slightest. There's that scream of NIMBY! again. Stop saying that, and maybe you will hear valid concerns.

All of the above can be true, and at the same time we would like to have the developer listen to our concerns and perhaps put aside his hate for podiums in order to create a good pedestrian experience. And 618 units on .4 hectares is too much. It's too much in the opinion of Design Review Panel and Planning Staff and the NA, and the immediate neighbours to the east and west of the site.

One tower would be sufficient on that site.

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