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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 10:39:46 in reply to Comment 122649

I will not comment on the aesthetics of the design, as everyone will have a different opinion. However, in terms of function, I disagree with the assertion that the plans for the mansion and public plaza will create wasted space. As shown on the renderings, the plaza appears to be useful public space. See:

However, the space between the towers does not appear to have any use. That I will call wasted space.

Similarly, the setback from the sidewalk appears to be counter-productive for retail. What is useful is to have large windows right next to the sidewalk so that people can see what goods are for sale. So-called "window shopping." And to have doors directly onto the sidewalk. That way, people who are walking or cycling by can see what is for sale and go directly into the shop to buy it.

What is extremely inconvenient and annoying is to have retail set back from the sidewalk so that: 1) I need binoculars to determine what is being sold, and; 2) I am inconvenienced by having to haul my body and all the stuff I bought back and forth across the setback.

It is OK to have a small setback of 2 metres to provide for cycle parking. Everyone wants to park their bike right next to the shop door. That's just convenient. But any distance greater than that is a nuisance.

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