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By Locke (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 14:47:11 in reply to Comment 122649

I too prefer the skinny buildings instead of a long slab for the same reasons you present (glad to find common ground).

I'll also add that after having watched the city's video of the planning meeting and seeing Jason Thorne's tweets from the 19th, I suspect the actual hight limit of this particular property might actually be about 22-storeys under the draft Secondary Plan (and I believe it is 12 without exemption under the old plan).

I'd personally prefer to see two narrow towers that break the plane of the escarpment than a monolith that maxes out at 22-storeys.

That said, I still want the towers to be somewhat relational to the other towers around them and the streetscape to be relational to the the immediate neighbours to the west. And I want to make sure we don't just say yes to developers wanting ever taller buildings which reduces the overall demand for new development elsewhere downtown.

One other note from watching the city's planning committee meeting video: Brad lamb indicated he wants/expects to settle before this goes to the OMB and if you can read between the lines at all, that certainly sounds like he will be hoping to compromise.

My guess, they will negotiate down before the OMB, there will be street wall changes and a total reduction of 15-storeys from the two towers but that the project will still break the escarpment plane.

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