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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 07, 2018 at 15:30:02

On the Reasons For Signing page (Click "Load More" several times), there are great comments. One by Kevin Love -- same name as RTH's Kevin Love -- but may or may not be same person. However, I wanted to address this personally here:

From Kevin Love's Comment

This is a good memorial to Jay Keddy. But let us not forget that for every person in Hamilton who is crushed and killed by motor vehicle operators, there are over five people who are poisoned and killed by motor vehicle operators. Where is their memorial?

Excellent question.

I feel that naming the Multi-Use Trail after Jay Keddy also helps towards this because, as this is an uninterrupted pedestrian & cyclist infrastructure between Hamilton Downtown and Mountain's Mohawk College. An institution full of Hamilton's Next Generation, some of who may choose to use the Trail instead of driving to Mohawk College, thanks to these initiatives.

Since the planned Trail is along the brow edge of the Claremont, this provides great views of the environment part of the way, and increases appreciation for cleaner air, too. With the Trail naming, many teachable moments, of Keddy's teacher legacy and improved Mohawk connection. These are only small moves, but very important.

This inclusive infrastructure also connects to Hunter cycle track, which leads to the GO station that will get all-day 2-way GO service to Toronto by 2025, and will also include a new cycle path extension to fill in the broken-segments of Hunter. There's many mid-point connections Likewise, on the Mountain, the Claremont Multi-Use Trail will connect to Mohawk College via an extended Multi-Use Trail reaches St. Joseph Hospital and Mohawk College.

Not just only a cycle lane, the fully protected Multi-Use Trail represents quite inclusive infrastructure that will simultaneously improve pedestrian access on both sides of the Escarpment, and it actually provides fully independent Escarpment accessibility to certain mobility aids for the first time in Hamilton's history too. (For climb, electric wheelchairs should literally be "San Francisco" capable -- many available rated for Downtown-Mohawk uphill trip with a >100% safety margin.) ...

Several of us can enjoy or tolerate a walk up/down a long slope but are completely unable to comfortably handle the (otherwise great) Hamilton Stairs such as knee difficulties, vertigo/balancing issue, health, arthritis or age. Understandably, not everyone can handle it, but more will be able to than having only stairs/motor options. While it is person dependant; this Multi-Use Trail is an additional option can reduce the fear of being fully reliant on vehicular transportation in both directions & mercy of always ride scheduling both ways -- as options in addition to HSR, to Mountain Climber, to DARTS.

In putting "Access" in Keddy Access Trail, this is in line with the spirit of Keddy's nature of inclusivity told by many ( small excerpts in in this twitter thread ). With mother road being the Claremont Access, the Keddy Access Trail is born from this route. This is great name recognition advertising for a trail that will soon exist in Hamilton's landscape, Keddy's namesake increased awareness leads to increased use. The naming dedication also increases the odds one will take the trail more often than instead of always being car-reliant every single trip. And that is very good for our health too.

  • "Let's go on the Keddy"
  • "We'll take the KAT"

Several of us feel that the name recognition is memorable with Keddy Access Trail. It is a great community brand for clean inclusive way of transportation, while being respectful with Keddy's spirit. There are many teachable moments from this.

All of this, helps keep Hamilton on the right path.

Any electoral candidate thinking of trying to delay/cancel the Multi-Use Trail, is faced with the unsavory prospect of answering to this petition. This powerful symbolism, illustrates a good irreversible goal towards keeping Hamilton's air cleaner, by dedicating infrastructure that is pedestrian-friendly and cycle-friendly between Downtown and Mountain.

I think that the Kevin Love that I am familiar with (of Cycle Hamilton) would probably agree with that too; this petition essentially makes this plan irreversible.

We must also address other opportunities too as well; in parallel to this.

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