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By cowtown guy (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2007 at 17:16:27

Well my Ted you obviously are not the "average guy". I loved my truck because it was useful for the 4 trips to the dump I do a year and for hauling the lumber, patio-stones, trees etc., I added to my yard, fence and deck. Oh and don't forget the hauling of bicycles for my family and I (4). Also very efficient when my friends and I go skiing/snowboarding, five of us in the truck, all our gear in back, all chip in on gass...pretty efficient way to travel. Why can't you just admit that some folks use their truck and last time I looked it was a free country to buy what ever kind of vehicle we want! I was recently broad-sided by a large car and now my truck is written off. THE CAR WAS IN THE WRONG, MAKING AN ILLEGAL LEFT RIGHT INTO ME! Had I been in a tiny econo-box I wouldn't be here right now. So when I get my insurance money I am going to go buy another half-ton truck!

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