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By wokintos (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2007 at 20:08:15

I don't believe that trucks should be obsolete, when you need a truck you need a truck. My issue is with trucks as daily driven vehicles. The argument that I need a truck and can't afford another vehicle is crap. Add up what you spend on gas to drive that truck to work and back everyday and you will soon find, as I did, that the amount you spend on gas will damn near make the payment and pay the gas bill for the second vehicle.
I live 30 minutes from the city that I work in and was commuting with an 87 Jeep YJ with a 5L V8 that has a 7inch lift and 36 inch tires. I was getting 15mpg. It was annoying me that I was spending over $100 a week in gas and noticed that 3 of 4 vehicles that pass me every morning is a truck with one passenger. I did a little math and now drive a 98 Neon that gets 46mpg and costs just about $32 a week. I have my Jeep still and will never sell it, I use it for offroading, pulling my boat to the lake, and driving in bad weather. The amount I save not driving my jeep to work pays for the gas and insurance on my car and makes half my boat payment.

The problem is people using trucks and SUV's as daily driving vehicles. You can't tell me that $200 a month for a new Toyota Yaris which gets 50mpg and has low emissions is more than you would save by leaving your truck in the driveway in the morning everyday and only using it when you need it. Most people would be surprised by how often they actually NEED their truck. At the same time I'll never sell mine, but I won't use it as a primary vehicle either.

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