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By Chiefjeep (anonymous) | Posted October 13, 2007 at 12:41:03

Dear Ted

have you had a bad experience with trucks?

your points of view are legitimate, some are irritating and others pose good points.

but most of your logic points at a distaste for trucks on a personal level and thats not a good way to write a public article...

i own a jeep cherokee, not really a truck, as its probably lighter than most cars, and though my cherokee is lifted, heavily armoured, and has larger tires and wider stance, its been my daily driver for years, and i can assure you, with upgraded suspension and brake/steering components, its capable and no more dangerous on the road than most cars.

i drive a chrysler day to day now, as my jeep is mostly an off road toy. but i condsider my jeep street worthy. higher though it may be its still only 3200 pounds, while my intrepid weighs in at roughly the same, and with upgraded brakes and steering, it handles no different and stops the same as most anything else ive driven.

its a good machine, and though you might say its a 'fashion statement' i can assure you its ugly as sin. but ill tell you what ted it runs excellent, its very reliable, and when its not broken from a weekend of offroading, its nigh indestructible. my cherokee is what you might call form over function, its designed to be a good vehicle first and on hunting trips and offroading excursions it does extraordinarily well for its size and weight. so ted when you see a big dented beat up four by four on big tires, chances are that guys not posing a fashion statement, or look at how huge i am. this is rarely the case, especially in the abscence of nice paint, fancy rims and chrome, most of the time that guy in the beat up truck is enjoying the opprotunity to drive something he has spent countless hours building and perfecting as an all around well performing machine.

i will agree that there are those of us with truck and SUV's (particularly the luxury crossovers) that have no buisness owning a truck, i become enraged at them myself because its clean, shiny, and has low profile tires... so why is it 4wd with a monster v8? take that thing to a trail i run my cherokee on it wouldnt even make it down the dirt road to get to the trail.

but my point is ted that some people in fact DO use their SUV's and trucks for a purpose, there is a reason we have them. im part of a group in my city that are on constant call for the use of our trucks in emergency situations, i live in northern canada and we can see snow storms of crippling proportions during winter months, and it is part of our calling as 4x4 owners in the city to go out and help those in need, your 'well handling and much safer' cars become death traps as they are buried in impassible snow and road conditions, our big lumbering trucks that day are a saving grace, and most people are so happy to see a big four by four pull up next to their car it makes them weep.

so ted not all lifted trucks and 4x4s are useless in fact some are essential to the lifestyle of certain parts of the world.

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