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By Trailerguy (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2008 at 17:55:20

I realized a long time ago that one vehicle can't do everything I need. Now I buy tow vehicles and have trailers (RV and Dirt dumper currently). Unfortunately, a tow vehicle today means a truck. So big deal that the Ridgeline can tow 5000 pounds. It doesn't come in a two-wheel (rear) drive. My S10 can tow 5600, but it's a pickup. I missed out on the last good Vans. Vans used to be small trucks. Today a small van is not good for anything but for Mama to take the rug rats to ballet practice, and the trucks and full size vans are all so bloated that they require two lanes and higher bridges.
Why can't somebody build a vehicle that carries five or more adult passengers comfortably, tows 7000 pounds, and sits as close to the road as cars did in the 50's and sixties, doesn't drink outrageous amounts of fuel when running without a load and fits in my garage? I have great hopes for the new crop of 3 litre diesels as a high torque economical power plant to power such a vehicle. Now the problem is to get a manufacturer to build such a vehicle.

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