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By East End Guy (anonymous) | Posted January 22, 2008 at 11:00:51

As a life long, east end resident, I feel that the glory days of the Centre Mall are long gone and it's time for a major change. The mall has been on a down hill slide for years and almost all of the stores worth shopping at are long gone. The only store that draws a crowd any more is Tim Hortons! It's sad, but when I need to do some shopping for clothes, gifts or home decor, I make the drive to Lime Ridge Mall, where they have modern stores with quality merchandise. Although the big box stores are cold and faceless, the one thing you notice at the Meadowlands, Lime Ridge or Centennial Pkwy is that the stores are ALWAYS busy! We don't need a place for people to sit and mingle (which is all I see at the Centre), we need a place that offers products and services that will entice people to come out and spend money! I was quite a "mall rat" as a kid and spent countless hours at the Centre, so I am sad that the mall is on it's last legs, but as neighbourhood home owner, I am excited at the thought of some reputable businesses breathing a little life back our beloved East end.

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