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By jmarie (anonymous) | Posted April 15, 2008 at 22:27:38

I have lived in the east end my whole life, I am now 30, and right in that perfect demographic that is looking for unique, interesting, entertaining and somewhat eclectic places to shop, dine and just generally hang out and enjoy with friends. Lets face it...Centre Mall is totally done. Ottawa street however is still pretty funky and could go a lot further in that positive direction with a small nudge. I love the shops and restaurants and bakeries....Limoncello is totally taking the area in the appropriate direction. So seriously people, keep the good, ditch the bad! Why is this so complicated? Enhance the farmers market...give flea market space, provide something for the public to come and visit and all will follow. Hamilton is trying so hard to break away from its old stigmas and has so much to offer, why are we holding it back?

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