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By SLP (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2008 at 22:44:43

I was by the Centre Mall tonight and all I can say is Wow. They have blocked off the parking area near Sears, tearing up the asphalt and I felt a touch of sadness. I was truly hoping that someone would come to their senses and not destroy the mall, but rebuild it, maintaining stores like Sears, Jim's Nut Shack, etc. but alas, they won't find out until it's way too late that east enders don't shop at big box stores...not because they're too expensive but because we like going from one small, interesting shop to another, browsing yet another afternoon away, shopping, stopping for food, coffee and people-watching.

When I was growing up, I knew I'd never leave the east end...ok, I did for a year to move downtown but I quickly returned to where I felt at home. East enders are a breed unto ourselves. We're not comfortable in places like Limeridge as they are too impersonal. The Centre Mall was the one place that I could get everything I needed without having to drive from one place to another. When the new mall opens, I will stage my own silent protest and not shop there (even though I only live a few blocks away) and do my shopping where I can shop at my leisure i.e. Eastgate & Mapleview Mall.

As my grandmother always said, "progress" is not always best.

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