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By Brian E (anonymous) | Posted December 08, 2006 at 14:59:42

I think the Centre mall revitalization has potential to be bring something new and interesting to an otherwise down trodden yet pridefull area of the city. I think the reality is that North Hamilton is comprised of mostly working poor families and this has given this Barton East section of town a very unique character. I think this character can be described as "The constant search for the best deal in town". Family Budgets are tight in Hamilton and no more so than around Centre Mall. For any new development to succeed in this area I think it must be priority #1 to make sure that it includes stores that offer prices that are lower than Centenial Parkway, Limeridge and The Meadowlands. I love the idea of a large area reserved for a farmers market on weekends. Or even during the summer months have booths where organizations, or block associations or individuals can rent booths and sell second hand items like one gigantic swap meet. When redeveloping this mall you have to think, "Why will people come here when there's Limeridge on the mountain, Meadowlands in ancaster, Centenial Parkway in Stoney Creek" I think the answer is that people will come down to Centre Mall because it has great deals and in the summer you can hit dozens of 'Yard Sales' all in the same spot. You can't find deals in Limeridge, you can't find character in the meadowlands and you can't find convienience on Centenial. You have to find them in Centre Mall.

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