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By granny (registered) | Posted July 08, 2008 at 12:52:25

Well ... if I am right and I sure hope so ...

there are some 'names' that are closely wedded to the mud-pie-in-the-eye-in-the-sky fantasy of the 'aeryfery-stupidary-tropolis' ... and there is a process to go through until the obvious answer ... NO ... becomes apparent to said 'names'.

"And the province has the final say" and ... um it appears ... that the province saying NO.

Aero-trucko-tropolis is not a happening thing these days, nor in the future.

Nor is pumping friggen water up and sewage down when we already have MORE INDUSTRIAL LAND THAN THAT SERVICED AND AVAILABLE downtown ... and on the railway too, which is absolutely necessary.

In this case, it appears it's going to be a quietly dying 'deal'-that-never-was.

I certainly hope so.

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