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By Tear it down (anonymous) | Posted November 08, 2008 at 13:26:43

Centre Mall is the worst mall I've been to in a large city. I've lived in Hamilton for nearly 10 years now and having grown-up in a city smaller than Ancaster in eastern Ontario, a good mall was an adventure for me. Centre Mall was an adventure the first time I walked into the building because I was so amazed that a complex such as that was so brutally incapable of remotely providing anything I was looking for, where any other mall or big box centre in the city could have. I dread going there because they have nothing and I end up having to travel else where to find what I need.
That mall is a hole and tearing it down and building big box stores is much better for that property and the community I have chosen to call home than leaving it the way it is. Yes, there may be other options that are more likeable but any of the options is probably better than what is there now.
Some people like sitting and mingling in the food court all day while purchasing no more than a coffee but having those people relax and chat all day in the food court doesn't provide small business or large with what they need to feed their families and stay open for your pleasure.... and that's just business. Go sit in a park or take a walk down Ottawa Street, sit in a cafe in the area and promote those small business or Tim Horton's by purchasing their products. You are doing Centre Mall no good by going and sitting and watching. Money is the only concern for most, if not all, of the businesses at Centre Mall which is why they are in or going out of business. If you aren't there to buy something then those businesses don't give a lick about you. Technically if you don't have a coffee in your hand and you are just sitting then you are loitering. Yes, people watching can be interesting but guess what? You are the people being watched. You are being watched by all of those small businesses in that dilapidated mall while they are going under because people aren't buying enough of their merchandise to make the profits they need to keep the building heated in the winter and cooled in the summer for you to sit and people watch and do nothing for your community.
Kudos to the developer who is taking on the task and risk of boosting business and new interest in that area. I will be shopping at Centre Mall before any other when it is ready to go. I will show my true support by giving the new Centre Mall my business.

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