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By whatever (anonymous) | Posted November 09, 2008 at 15:08:19

In regards to "tear it down".Just goes to show that you are not not a true eastender.Listen to me because i have lived and worked in or around the centre mall all of my life.These people watchers as you so like to call them are mostly pensioners that have worked all there lives in the very nearby industry.If they need a place to sit and talk who are you to say anything about them.Unlike the youth of today whom spend their welfare bucks and basically contribute mostly nothing but another mouth for us the tax payer to support,these pensioners have worked and spent their hard EARNED money over many,many years in support of that mall.They don't have a lot to spend and so what if they want to sit and watch,i bet you they have earned it.I am sure the new mall will accommodate these people watchers as well my friend.There is going to be a large food court building right in the middle of the area.You might be better of complaining about the welfare and mothers allowance recipients,the "week-end millionaires"as we in the business like to call them.They are the ones that bring this area down to its knees not the pensioners.

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