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By adrian (registered) | Posted December 21, 2006 at 21:21:20

Schmadrian (great name!), I understand where you're coming from completely.

In a recent email I sent to the editor of RTH and some of the other contributors to the site (I am also a contributor), I said:

"[W]e should try and identify some of the gaps in what RTH typically reports on, and then either fill them ourselves or do some looking around to see if we can find someone else to fill them. We talk about environmental issues a fair bit, mostly in the form of discussions around climate change and air quality. The effect of Hamilton on the surrounding ecosystem is not something I recall us talking about much lately, however.

Other gaps (I think): poverty, women's issues (e.g. rates of violence against women in Hamilton), minority and immigrant issues (e.g. does Hamilton have many talented, skilled immigrants driving cabs?) These are all related to urban renewal - Hamilton can't move forward if kids are going hungry, women are unfulfilled and/or abused, and our skilled residents can't find proper work."

Raise the Hammer needs contributors who will focus on some of these other important issues in the city.

Schmadrian, you sound like someone who cares about these issues. You clearly know how to write. Why don't you write an article about the issues you've identified for the next issue of Raise the Hammer?

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